TaskPaper comes to the iPhone

I've been in a constant search for the perfect To Do app for the iPhone for about 2 years now. With this weeks release of 


 for the iPhone, I may have finally found that perfect app.


The one thing I really want is simplicity. I love Things and OmniFocus, but it takes so damn long to enter an item, I've forgotten what it was I wanted to remember by the time I get to where I can actually add it! None of those problems exist in TaskPaper. Tap the + button and type and that's pretty much it :)

You've also got Tags, a fantastic search function, Projects, Notes and synching. The sync took me a little while to get used to and, to be honest, there are still some issues with it, but none I can't live with. You can sync via SimpleText.ws on the web, which also allows you to edit the To Do items via a browser. Very quick and very easy. Hit Save on the web site, fire up the iPhone app and there are your changes.

You can also sync the Mac version of TaskPaper via SimpleText.ws, so your up-to-date To Do's are literally with you wherever you may be, and this is crucial to me.

If, like me, you want a fast and flexible To Do app, give it a try. And at a mere $4.99 for the iPhone version, potentially the bargain of the year!