Worried about Ning

As you'll know if you've read my previous moanings, I have a site hosted by Ning.

I've had issues with them in the past, but they've excelled themselves this time with what should have been the relatively smooth introduction of a new text editor. Now, being a "social network", as you can imagine, almost everything on the site results on some good mechanism to add content to it. So why the hell replace something that, although it looked a little dated, worked perfectly well with something that has generated about 30 pages (yes, pages, not comments) of complaints?

I wouldn't say they've rendered sites useless (although some of the comments seem to indicate it's close for some sites) but, my oh my, what a cock up.

We weren't even given the option of using the old or new editor, just a blog post to say "Here you go - have fun" (okay, I've paraphrased somewhat).

They say it's been extensively tested. I'd like to know by whom, as some of the gaffs are so very obvious.

Here's a few that I've noticed:

  • When adding an image to a post, it renders differently to the poster than to the rest of the world, so you need to log out, check it looks okay, then log back in to continue. Great.
  • The toolbar often just doesn't appear in Chrome on Mac or Windows
  • The editor adds so much crap html, you can now easily break the post character limits imposed
  • Switching between html and wysiwyg view adds spurious html

Check out this page for a list of other issues provided by just one site owner. Shame they didn't use them during the testing phase.

Now, I'm all for change, but it has to be managed. It's no good saying "work with it a few days and see how you get on with it" when getting on with it actually means working around bugs.

I've actually started holding off posting to my own site in the hope that they fix it, so god knows what my members think.

The biggest complaint I've had with Ning has been lack of communication and this holds true yet again for this effort. At the very least, they should be telling us how to do in the new editor what we did in the old editor to get the same results.

Come on, guys, this is getting beyond the joke now.