Fun with MobileMe - sort of

Further to my earlier post, I've been persisting with MobileMe over the past few days, with mixed success.

There have been some serious synching issues going on with contacts and calendars and, judging by the number of online comments, I'm not the only one. I tried removing all references to MobileMe on my Mac and iPhone and starting again and, for now, it seems stable. Let's hope it stays that way as, when it works, it works very well indeed.

I've also been going back to basics on the Mac. Using Mail and iPhoto instead of Gmail's web client and Picasa. I must say, I'm having fun "rediscovering" my Mac and the way everything integrates so well together. Using lots of disparate systems, I'd kinda lost touch of one of the benefits of having a Mac.

Likewise on the iPhone. So simple to send a photo or video directly to MobileMe from within the apps themselves. I also LOVE how fast and stable MobileMe is pushing email to the iPhone, which is one of the primary reasons I'm giving this a go again.

I really hope the sync keep stable. Maybe they're updating it ahead of tomorrow's big day for Apple?

I'll certainly be continuing the experiment.