Last.FM in your car

I love Last.FM. I've discovered some great artists that I'd probably never have heard of otherwise.

I recently inadvertently trashed the music library on my iPhone - apparently the iTunes database had become corrupt. I'd been listening to my iPhone in the car using one of those nifty FM transmitters that lets you listen through your car radio, so was a bit miffed at not having my collection available, when I suddenly remembered Last.FM. So, I connected everything up and set off on my journey and am delighted to report that everything worked smoothly! There were a few drop-outs on a 2 and a half journey, but it soon recovered.

This is one of those things that, when you think about it, is pretty amazing. There I was, in my car, streaming my own personal radio station over the Internet to my phone, then broadcasting that via FM to my car radio. That's pretty impressive in my book.