Installing Windows 7 on MacBook Pro using Boot Camp

Following on from my previous post about Windows 7, I've now successfully installed it on my MacBook Pro. Well, mostly!

My first attempt at installing resulted in it stalling near the final stage. I then realised I still had my external firewire drive connected, so I shut it down, disconnected and re-started the installation. This time it went without a hitch.

Installation was pretty fast, though curiously slower than it was when installing as a virtual machine via VMWare Fusion!

I installed the 64-bit version of Windows 7. I attempted to install the Boot Camp drivers and, although they appeared to install okay (the sound drivers definitely worked), I don't have a Boot Camp icon in the taskbar and don't appear to be able to run the Boot Camp 2.1 updater. I'll take another look. It's not a show stopper.

Although Windows 7 correctly identified my graphics card, I downloaded the latest drivers from the nVidia site. They had a new version for my card and this installed without any problems.

The main (well, pretty much only) reason I use Windows is for flight simulation. I initially tried X-Plane and can report a marked performance improvement over 32-bit XP. Everything is just so much smoother. I'm also getting no issues with "blurries" that used to sometimes occur when it couldn't load the textures in fast enough. I'm now installing Flight Simulator X to see if there's any improvement there.

Impressions of Windows 7? Pretty favourable. I like the "cut down" look. There's noticeably less general clutter and it feels leaner. All subjective stuff, I know, but first impressions count :) The system is very responsive in general.

Is it the best Windows yet? Possibly, but too early to tell. Would it make me go back to Windows from Mac? No.