Windows 7 Release Candidate goes public

In case you missed it yesterday, Windows 7 Release Candidate went public.

I've been looking forward to this (well, relatively - it is Windows, after all!) as I'd heard good things about running Flight Simulator X under Windows 7 64-bit, which should sit nicely on my MacBook Pro.

To give it a quick try, I first installed the 64-bit version under VMWare Fusion. Despite the forums saying graphics hardware acceleration doesn't work under Fusion for Windows 7, I gave it a try and it works a treat.

First impressions? I thought I'd perhaps installed the wrong OS! It looks (to me) a lot like a skinned Ubuntu! It's running pretty fast under Fusion, I have to say. I like the new "task bar", with icons representing running applications. I've installed Chrome and, with a little tweak, have it running well (it won't run "out of the box" on the 64-bit version).

The next task was to install it under Boot Camp. This has proved a little more tricky. My first attempt resulted in an aborted run, as it was asking me to press a key during installation and the Mac keyboard drivers hadn't yet loaded. I found (what I hope is) a solution here, which I'm trying out as I type. I'll report back on the success (or otherwise) shortly.

You can download the Windows 7 RC here. Be aware that it expires in June 2010 and from March 2010, it'll start re-booting your machine every 2 hours!

Anyone else got it going under Boot Camp?