Oh, Sling Media, how could you?!

I've been a long-time fan of Sling Media's wonderful Sling Player. I'm also an iPhone Fan Boy, so you can imagine my growing excitement at the prospect of the iPhone version of the player being released.

I guess you can also imagine how I felt when they announced it wouldn't work with the classic.


I won't be seeing this on my iPhone any time soon

Everything I've read so far suggests there's no technical reason why this should be, so I guess it's "money grabbing bastards" time again. You'd think, in this Credit Crunching time, they'd have thought twice about introducing what everyone assumes will be a pay-for iPhone app, then telling all Classic owners they'll also have to cough up some not inconsiderable amount of dosh for the new player.

Well, I'm afraid they've lost at least one customer.