I've found (almost) the perfect Blog Editor for the Mac


I initially tried Blogo quite some time ago in my quest for the ultimate Mac Blog Editor. At that time, like all the other editor's I've tried, it was severely lacking in functionality compared to the web-based Wordpress editor.

For that reason, I've been posting to my blogs via the web since moving to Mac a little over a year ago, having previously used Live Writer on Windows, which is a superb tool.

I stumbled across a recent review of Blogo that made me take another look at it and I'm glad I did. It's now certainly the best Mac editor out there as far as I'm concerned. It still has some issues, the main ones for me being:

  • You can't add meta data to images (title etc). Even if you add them in html view, they get stripped out when switching back to the Rich Text Edit mode
  • It adds some odd html if you edit the post in html view, then switch back to the Rich Text Edit mode (you can, however, manually remove the rogue elements)

The authors of Blogo are aware of these and have said they will be addressed in future updates. I can live with these small issues for now. The developers are very quick to respond to any issues raised, which is a good sign, giving me confidence that these and others issues that users have reported will get fixed.

What I do like about it is:

  • It's fast. Compared to using the web editor, it's very fast indeed
  • Image uploading. Just drag an image to the dropbox or somewhere in the post and you're presented with a dialog box in which you can define the size of the thumbnail, which can link to the full size image
  • Categories and Tags are fully supported for Wordpress

There are a ton of other things you can do with Blogo, too, such as updating your Twitter and other accounts via ping.fm. To be honest, I'd rather use a dedicated tool, such as Twhirl, for this, but it's a neat feature if you just want to do a quick Tweet.

If, like me, you've tried Blogo in the past and weren't too impressed, give it another try. I'm sure you'll like what you find. I did. So much so, I actually paid for it!