Battle of the Live Web Stats

Regular readers will know I'm somewhat obsessed with Live Web Stats. With these neat little tools, you can monitor people coming to, navigating around and leaving your web sites as it happens. It's addictive, but can also be very informative.

There are 2 main players in this area, GetClicky and Woopra, and they've both released updates in the past week.


GetClicky offer web based stats, including their newly released Mega-Spy.


This offers a live view, with the left-hand side showing a list of visitors currently on the site. (I've removed IP addresses from the screenshots for privacy reasons). The main view shows an auto-scrolling list, defined by the links at the top of the screen. By default, it shows "Actions", i.e. page hits, downloads, external links etc.

Using the links at the top, you can change this so you can view which pages are currently being viewed, which search criteria people are using to find you etc, all in real-time.


Woopra uses a desktop client, available for Windows, Mac and Linux, to display your stats.


This week, they've completely updated the client software. I love the new look - it reminds me of something you might have found on the screens of CTU from 24!

As you can see, this packs rather more into a single view. The left column shows number of visitors currently on the site and a menu to change various aspects of the view.

The central columns show a live map. When a visitors views a page, you get a little radar-like "ping" highlighting their geographical location. Underneath that, you have a user-configurable view of either Visitor Number, Country, Page, Referrer, Platform or Browser.

The right column shows a list of current visitors along with a history of where they've been on your site for this session. Fom this view, you can also elect to "Start a conversation" with the visitor. I've only done this once, with a visitor I knew to be a friend. It freaked him out a little knowing a) I was watching what he was doing and b) I could just pop up a chat window on the site! I've never used it since.

Which one's best?

Both GetClicky and Woopra offer a wealth of other data, but I'm concentrating on the Live views here.

They're both very good indeed. GetClicky offers a nice clean quick view of who's on your site and what they're up to. Woopra offers more depth in terms of the data viewable at any one time.

In terms of accuracy, they both seem to return very similar numbers for a given time period. They do differ in their reporting of exactly how many people are on a site at a given time, but that's understandable and will be determind by whatever algorhythm they're using.


Woopra is free. GetClicky's Mega Spy will only be available to Premium subscribers.


When GetClicky launched their Mega Spy, I immediately thought it was really starting to become a Woopra beater. Woopra must have read my mind, as the very next day they released the new version of their client app. I'm now back to thinking that Woopra has the edge again, although both are good at what they do.