Not a good day for Apple and I

Well, I've had a good run, so I guess some bad luck was due.

I've had my gorgeous 17" MacBook Pro for about 15 months. It's done sterling service and has never let me down. Until yesterday. No display, internal or external. It boots okay and I believe is fully functional, which in some respects is even more frustrating. I've tried all the usual Option/Control/R/P, standing on your head whilst drinking a pint and so on, without any joy. So, looks like the dreaded fried nVidia GPU.

It's at the service centre now, so I'm awaiting a call to say either a) it's the GPU and hence a free repair or b) it's something else, so you'd better get a second mortgage to pay for the repair.

The other little gem relates to my most recently developed iPhone application, Words. This is a little app to help you solve crosswords, anagrams and Scrabble type games. For those that know or care, it uses the SOWPODS dictionary. Seems that's not good from Apple's point of view, as it contains some "offensive" words. Now, I've heard of other apps being rejected for similar "violations", so I've appealed to their good sense, pointing out that all the words in question are in the official Scrabble dictionary and therefore deserve a place in the app. It's easy to remove them, of course, but then the Scrabble officiandos could rightly complain that it's not complete.

Their other "complaint" was that there was no way to return to a full list of the words in the dictionary. This was deliberate on my part - what use is an unfiltered list of nearly a quarter of a million words?

We shall see.