O2 taking 3G iPhone orders from 8AM

I've just received an email from O2 saying they are taking orders for the 3G iPhone from 8AM today, so I've got 20 minutes before I put my order in. The email states:
Initial, successful orders will be delivered on 11th July by courier and will require a signature as proof of receipt.
I held back on the first version of the iPhone, but I'm about to fold on this one. This is partly because I became a Mac convert about 6 months ago and I'm going through a "everything Apple is great" phase right now and it also happily coincides with my existing mobile phone contract coming to an end.

So, who's getting one, apart from me? :)

Update: 8:10 AM - well, that went well. O2 clearly haven't quite got themselves prepared. Two attempts at ordering online have been met with "We are unable to process your order." and a phone number for a line that's closed!

Update 2: 8:25 AM - third time lucky - I've just ordered a 16Gb 3G iPhone :)

Update 3: Wednesday, 10 PM - still no confirmation email from O2, although a friend who ordered later on Monday has got his confirmation through. O2 have taken the money for the phone and the first month. Checked "My Orders" on the O2 site and they say it's been dispatched, so is now presumably sitting on the road somewhere waiting for delivery on Friday.