Google goes live with Knol

Google has released Knol to the public. Knol is Google's take on Wikipedia, but with a few twists, the main one being that you can monetise your pages with AdSense.

The editor is very easy to use. I put together the start of my Flight Simulator Knol in about half an hour. It's got some nice touches, such as URL checking, image resizing on the fly and revisions. You can set permissions on your Knol, allowing others to edit it, edit with moderation, or you can choose to keep it closed.

When you create your first Knol, you also get another one automatically created with your name, which you can edit and publish as you see fit.

Only time will tell where things go with this. Google are allowing multiple authors to create pages on the subject, so no need to rush over and claim iPhone!

I think it has some potential. It'll be interesting to see if they ultimately give preference to these "mini sites" in the search engine rankings. If so, it could be huge.