My 3G iPhone arrives!

I arrived home tonight to find my 3G iPhone had been delivered next door, so rushed around to pick it up.

As can be expected from Apple, what an exquisite package it comes in. Beautifully designed. So, of course, I yanked everything out, read the quick start and am now, like so many others, stuck in a queue trying to get the phone activated via iTunes.

I'm not in too much of a rush just yet. I've got it and am still marvelling at just how gorgeous it is!

More to follow once I've got it activated and start actually using it :)

Update: I've now got the iPhone activated. What a stunning piece of technology this is. I can't get through the sign-up for iTunes yet, so can't try any of the Apps, but I'll keep trying. iTunes synced the iPhone perfectly with my Mac. The interface is a joy to use. More to follow when I can put it down long enough to post!