Google AdManager update

I've been using Google AdManager to run a couple of ad campaigns on two of my sites and I'm pretty impressed with it. See my earlier post for a quick "how to" to get you started.

One thing I really like is when you add multiple "line items" i.e. the ads themselves, to an order. For example, I've got a 728x90 slot on one site, to which I've added a dozen or so individual ads which get shown in rotation on the slot.

The clever trick is that AdManager monitors which ones get clicked the most and then gives them preference. So, if ad A gets, say, 20 clicks and the others get 5 over the same time period, it'll automatically start showing ad A more often, as it knows it's more popular.

The more I use AdManager, the more I like it. I still find navigating around a little confusing, but it's getting easier as I become familiar with it.

I'm currently also using OIO Publisher on one of my sites (again, see this earlier post for more details), but I'm starting to think AdManager might be a better alternative for me. One major reason is that the single block of ads I've created with OIO Publisher uses a whopping 8% of my total GPU usage (that's 8% of the total GPU for about 10 sites!), which is a hell of a big performance hit.