Wordpress 2.5 first impressions

Wordpress 2.5 was released over the weekend. This is a major upgrade, including the most extensive reworking of the admin interface I've seen since I started using WP about 2 years ago.

I've so far upgraded 2 of my blogs to the new version, including this one. The upgrades went without a hitch and only took a few minutes.

So, what's it like? As I mentioned, the admin interface has been completely overhauled, and it works beautifully. I particularly like the new image uploading. Very slick. In fact, the new post editor in general is so good, I'm reasonably confident that I'll now be using it as my main method of posting to my blogs. This is a double-bonus for me. I've been after a good blog editor for the Mac for some time, but now it looks like I don't need one.

A couple of odd things, though. Firstly, Gzip compression. I swear after I installed the update on my first blog that I saw the option to enable/disable it under the Reading section. I also swear I selected it! Can I find it again? Nope! The weird part of it is that apparently they've removed the option allowing the blog owner to alter the Gzip setting, so did I imagine the whole thing?

This only came to light when I tried to enable WP Cache. It wouldn't let me, because Gzip was enabled, but there was no way for me to switch it off from the admin panel. I found the setting in the database and disabled it from there.

This leads me to the second problem, and that's with WP Cache. I've never had much luck with this in the past, and it still seems to be the case for me. I enabled it, but the site started behaving oddly, by which I mean that sometimes it would just refuse to load. No errors, but no site either. I disabled WP Cache and emptied the cache and all now seems fine. I'm not too sure I'll even bother with trying to enable it, as it seems pretty fast as it is, and my new host seems to be handling the load admirably. I'll stick it on my "some day" list.

Anyone else upgraded yet? If so, what do you think?