Announcing the iFartMachine (previously known as the iPhone)


Okay Apple, exactly how many "Fart Applications" are you going to allow on the App Store?

I love my iPhone. It's the best mobile/gadget I've ever owned. But, how many fart apps does it actually need? I've seen at least half a dozen released this week alone! Do a search for "Fart" on iTunes and you'll see no less than over 20 (go on, count 'em) such apps!

Now, I'm all for a bit of fun, but do we really need this many? Is there not the risk of the iPhone being labelled as the world's most expensive fart machine?!

Truth be known (and my colleagues will confirm this), I have no need to install a fart app on my iPhone, as I have more than enough of the natural varitety to go around. For those that don't have enough of their own, I'm sure one of these apps could be a lot of fun, but do we really need 20+ of them?