Liking IntenseDebate

After the recent announcement that IntenseDebate had been acquired by Automattic (see my earlier post), I decided to give it another go here on Psionmark.

I'd tried it out in the past, but at that time I seemed to struggle with the blog integration. Maybe I just didn't RTFM, or maybe it's improved since I last tried it, as it seemed easy this time around.

I've been trying it out and am really starting to see the benefits now. Here's some of the "Pros":
  • email notification of comments, with the ability to approve and respond via email. Very handy.
  • They've got some nice widgets for your blog. I particularly like the Recent Comments which now has a nice shiny new home in my sidebar
  • I like the layout of the comments section better than the default Wordpress equivalent.
  • The ability to give a Thumbs Up or Down to comments
I think I'll be keeping it here, and will most likely be trying it out on some of my other blogs.

On that subject, you now need to get another Invitation Code if you want to add another blog to your existing IntenseDebate account. I'm guessing they're doing this to prevent too many new users during the transition period.