My favourite gadgets of 2007

2007 was a good year for my gadget collection. I managed to add 3 superb bits of kit, all of which I'd happily recommend to anyone. In no particular order of preference:

  1. MacBook Pro. I took the plunge and finally moved to Mac OS. I now wish I'd done so years ago, although in fairness I needed to wait for the Intel models, as I still boot into Windows to go flight simming and for some other games. Read my more detailed post about this exquisite piece of kit here.
  2. Nokia E65 mobile through the 3 UK network. This is a simply stunning bit of gadgetry. I went through 3 rather than any other network, as they gave me a free Slingbox (yet another wonderful gadget) which allows me to watch my satellite TV pretty much anywhere on my mobile. This is terrific for those odd moments when you just want to catch up with the news, or maybe watch a movie! I can browse the web on it (I'm using Opera Mini), I have Push email, Instant Messaging, games - pretty much everything I want on the move. Additionally, it makes a perfect modem for my MacBook Pro.
  3. Panasonic FX55 camera. I love Panasonic cameras. I also own an FZ30, which is a fantastic camera, but I wanted something I can carry with me always, so I never have another of those "I wish I had my camera" moments. The FX55 is beautifully built and takes stunning images. The 28mm wide angle end of the zoom is superb and the Intelligent Auto mode is something else. True fire and forget. You can check some of my test shots over on Flickr.
So, there's my brief round-up of last years technical wizardry. I'm sure there'll be lots more goodies for me to play with this year.