Fog lights

Okay, it's time for my yearly rant. The evening's are drawing in and people are starting to have to use those funny things on the front and back of their cars for the journey home from work. Yes folks, the headlights. Problem is, some folk seem to think that they also need to have their fog lights on, no matter what the conditions.

Now, I'll tolerate almost all manner of stupid driving. Driving too fast, driving too slow, sitting in the outside lane when there's nothing on the inside lane for 200 miles, roaring past you at 150 miles per hour only to turn off at the next junction and sit at the back of a queue - all water off a duck's back to me. I travel around 50,000 miles per year and I just let them get on with it.

But! Fog lights when there's no fog makes my blood boil. If I'm stuck behind someone who has their rear fog light on, I become hypnotised by it. An airliner could fly in front of me 10 foot off the ground and I'd never see it. Then there's the guy behind with his front fogs on, shining 12 million wasted watts of candle power straight into my mirrors and all because he (normally he) either doesn't even realise there's a switch for them, or because it "looks really cool".

I have a simple answer. It must be technically pretty simple to devise a "dodgy fog light use detector". Bolt them to existing speed cameras if need be. Anyone caught with their fogs on when the conditions don't warrant it have to take their driving test again. A second offence loses your license. As simple as that. I bet they'd soon find the damn switch soon enough then.

Rant over and thanks for listening.