The best DVD box set ever?

I've been a real fan of Laurel and Hardy for decades. The level of obsession varies, and I must confess for the past 10 years or so, I've not watched them a great deal. Maybe I overdid it up to that point. I was attending monthly meetings where 30 or more grown men (and the occassional woman) would be rolling around laughing watching their wonderful gems and watching them regularly at home. Maybe I needed a little rest from them.

Anyway, fast-forward 10 years or so and I find myself with a little Christmas money. Coincidentally, I've just started reading Paul Merton's excellent Silent Comedy and it reminded me of just how great they were. I already own a large number of Laurel and Hardy VHS tapes, but I thought I'd do a little searching and see what was around, when I came across a truly fantastic box set, containing virtually everything the boys had created on 21 (yes, 21!) DVD's, in a beautifully created case for the ridiculously low price of £49!


My heroes

You can find out a bit more about the set over on Amazon, but I wouldn't pay the price they're asking. I got mine from a place called Zavvi. The only very slight disappointment is that none of the DVD's have sleeve notes. I believe Universal may have re-released this set (it first came out in 2004) and perhaps left out the notes to keep the price down.

Given that I used to pay around £10 for a single VHS with between 1 and 3 movies, this  really has to be one of the best bargains around.

I've only had a chance to watch one film so far (A Chump At Oxford), but the quality is good and, more importantly, the belly laughs just keep on coming :)

If you're a fan, go get it now whilst you can.