Less is more?

I've read a number of posts on the blogosphere about reducing the number of AdSense ads on your site actually increasing the revenue you get. So, I'm giving it a try on FlightSimX. I've removed my 160x600 sidebar and 480x60 header and left just the one 300x250 inline ad and will see how it goes for a week or so.

It makes sense, I guess. If there's less ad space on your site, there's less ads for advertisers to "bid" on, so you should get the higher CPC ads showing. I'll report back when/if I see any impact.

On the subject of ads, I've been trying out Pubmatic. You tell them which ad networks you belong to - they currently cover around 10 and will be adding more in due course. You then design your ad, selecting the type, size, ad network etc and they then supply you with a small chunk of Java code to pop into your site where you'd like the ads to appear. The neat bit is that it constantly monitors the ads performance and serves up the best performing ads automatically for you after an initial "training" period.

Again, I'll report back when I've let it run a while, but first impressions are favourable.