Track your stolen portable media

I have a lot of portable media. I've got a 450Gb drive almost permanently connected to my laptop, a 250Gb USB powered drive that goes most places with me and a 2Gb pen drive that lives in my pocket most of the time. Oh yes, there's the SD cards in my cameras, too. And my MP3 player with a 20Gb drive. Whilst almost everything that potentially leaves the house is encrypted, there's always the fear of losing them/having them stolen.

Coming to my rescue is iHound Software, who have just launched a service allowing you to track up to 3 devices - hard drives, pen drives, iPod's etc. If an item is stolen, as soon as it's plugged into another computer, it will (assuming it's connected to the Net) send you an email showing the IP address and geographical location of your gear, the idea being you can hand this to the police and hopefully allow them to track it down for you.

This is a great idea. For now, you can register 3 devices for free.