Satisfy your web site stats obsession

I'm obsessed with web site statistics. Completely. If I stopped checking them, I'd probably have enough time left to catch up with some of the 200 items on my To Do list. But that's not going to happen, so I might as well feed my obsession with something worthwhile.

Which leads me on to GetClicky, which are without doubt the best web site metrics I've so far used - and I've used a few.

Here's a screenshot of the dashboard:


As you can see, tons of useful data there, the most interesting of which are probably "The Basics" which gives you an overview of your traffic for the day and "Links", which tells you where they've come from. All good stuff, but you get this in most stats packages, so what's so special about GetClicky? The Spy view, that's what!


This is just a small section to give you an idea. This is a real-time view of people visiting your site. This is good. Very good. You can lose entire weekends to this thing.

In addition, there's a whole host of other views, including Visitor Tracking, a neat Feedburner tracker to let you keep an eye on your subscribers and a host of other goodies.

Do yourself a favour and go get yourself an account. There's a free trial and here's the run-down on their pricing:

  • Basic - Free, up to 3 sites, up to 1,000 average daily page views per site. Limited feature set.
  • Blogger - $2.99/month or $19.99/year. Up to 3 sites and 10,000 average daily page views total (between all sites). Includes extra features like RSS feeds, Spy, outbound link tracking, download tracking, IP tagging, IP filtering, and more.
  • Pro / Small business - $5.99/month or $49.99/year. Up to 10 sites and 50,000 average daily page views total. Includes all features from 'Blogger' plan, plus full custom data tracking (usernames, etc), SSL support, full API access, and data export.

When you first register, you get a 21 day free trial of our 'pro' service, so you can access all of our features and decide which package will work best for you when your trial is up. Any web sites that get more than 1,000 average daily page views will be automatically disabled after your trial has expired if you decide you do not wish to pay for the service.

I went for the Blogger option and have been very pleased with it. Highly recommended.