Opera just got even better

Is it my birthday? So far this week we've had IMAP added to Gmail, the 2.4 release of The Gimp and now Opera has added "Opera Link" to their browsers.

Opera has long been my favourite browser (you can read my review to see why) and it just goes from strength to strength with each new release. Today, they have announced the addition of Opera Link to their browsers. With Opera Link, all your bookmarks, speedlinks etc are synchronised with your My Opera account. So, if you have Opera at work and Opera at home, any bookmarks you add in one place will be reflected on the other. Even better, the sync also works with Opera Mini Beta 3, so your mobile device will always be up to date with your most recent links.

Need to use a different browser but still want access to your links? Simpy go to the Opera Link page of your My Opera account and they're all there for you. And it looks like sharing is on the way, too. Watch out del.icio.us?

You'll need Opera 9.5 to take advantage of Opera Link on your desktop and Opera Mini Beta 3 for your mobile device.

Keep up the good work, Opera.